So Meta, Big Data: The World in a Nutshell

from Tessa Fights Robots by Tessa Makes Love



The world in a nutshell:
There is a bunch of metaphorical walking dead
Who figured out a way to
Siphon your creative energy,
And turn it into money for them.

They are stealing your freedom,
And turning it into money for them.

And you,
You invite them to your conferences,
And you quote their books.

They are stealing you freedom.
They are turning you into robots, and yet,
You keep hoping that
They will somehow elevate you.

They are training you to act like viruses.
You can no longer enjoy anything
Without feeling the anxiety
To immediately share, share share
To be relevant, to exist

You share, share, share,
And make a ton of advertising money for them.
You know that you re doing it, right?

You have nothing of your own,
You have nothing,
You keep nothing to yourself,
Your soul is theirs.
It's all public,
Your soul is data to them,
Dry and loveless.

There is nothing sacred to them.
They have figured out a way
To turn your love
Into money for them.

There is nothing sacred to them.
But you know, you know of course that you are sacred, right?


from Tessa Fights Robots, released March 17, 2017


all rights reserved



Tessa Makes Love New York, New York

Art is a microcosm of how we, people of the 21st century, are forced to walk in two worlds. In one world, we have marketing briefs, hipsters, Instagram, Grammy Awards, Craigslist and CNN. In another world, we are five years old, we are lying on our back on the green grass, and nobody can hurt us. ... more

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